Meet The Alpacas

Below are our alpacas on the farm. Please send us a message if you are interested in purchasing an alpaca or our boarding services.


DOB: 12/04/08
Abby of Bay Shore’s Sweet Abilene. Medium Brown. Always hungry & loves to play with the crias.

Abby’s ARI Certificate


DOB: 09/01/09
ACCOYO AMERICA ACADIA – Light Fawn. Beautiful California girl. Daughter of Camilio’s Accoyo Endurance and Pacific Crest Accoyo Arcadia. Good Mother to Cassanova.

Acadia’s ARI Certificate


DOB: 04/16/10
Bella is of the FT Bella. Medium Fawn. Friendly & very personable. Daughter of Snowmass Golden Heritage I and Victor’s Hemiaccoyo Miracle Belle.

Bella’s ARI Certificate

Black Cherry

DOB: 07/16/2010
Black Cherry is from Kendall Creek Farm in Pennsylvania and owned by Jeff and Terri Orme from Lakeland, FL.  She is a beautiful, petite black female.  Very gentle alpaca.  Her sire is My Peruvian Sky King and her Dam is KCF Calypso.

Her daughter Lilly Belle just had a beautiful male cria which is named Beethoven’s Trigger.

Black Cherry’s Alpaca Registry Certificate


DOB: 10/17/13
COCO-PUFF OF TUCKAHOE – Light Fawn. She is the daughter of Snowmass Golden Heritage I and Lucian Lucy. She has beautiful fleece and a sweet personality.

Coco-Puff’s ARI Certificate


DOB: 06/06/13
LILLY-BELLE – Dark Brown. She had a lot of fleece for a cria when she was born. Daughter of KCF Zorro and KCF Peruvian Black Cherry.

Lilly-Belle’s ARI Certificate


DOB: 10/16/10
VAF LACEY – White. Pretty girl and a good mother to Coco-Puff. Daughter of Accoyo America Maximilian and Lucian’s Lucy.

Lacey’s ARI Certificate

Merry Mocha

DOB: 11/24/09
Merry Moca of A.L. Paca’s Merry Mocha. Dark rose gray. Beautiful face & excellent personality. Loves people and acts like she own’s the farm. Daughter of A.L. Paca’s Revolution and 5Peruvian Bijou 8514.

Merry Mocha’s ARI Certificate


DOB: 04/14/11
PHAC MATRIC RENEA – Light Fawn. Definitely show quality. She is very playful and loves to run and play with all the new crias. Daughter of Snowmass Matrix and ELK Philia de Los Peruanos.

Renea’s Alpaca Registry Certificate


Cabernet of Snowmass Sunrise Cabernet. Dark silver grey. Produces pretty crias. Last one was Coal, which is the son of Snowmass Ferrari.


DOB: 10/15/13
CASANOVA OF TUCKAHOE TREASURES – White. He is the son of Accoyo America Acadia and Rolex Legend. Very lovable.

Casanova’s ARI Certificate


DOB: 10/03/2014
Casper’s Sire is MFI Peruvian Titan’s Clash from Double O Good’s farm and his Dam is FT Bella purchased from Foster Trail farm. Casper is a beautiful white male. He has amazingly soft fleece. A spinners dream come true. He is a very gentle and loving young male. A true winner on anyone’s farm.

Casper’s ARI Certificate


DOB: 12/13/12
COAL OF TUCKAHOE TREASURES -True black with grey on his top notch. Very friendly. He is the son of Snowmass Ferrari and Snowmass Sunrise Cabernet.

Coal’s ARI Certificate


DOB: 06/21/2015
Eddie is a very friendly and active young cria.  Eddie Sire is MFI Peruvian Titan’s Clash.   His Dam is PHAC Matrix Renea and has beautiful fleece with beautiful crimp and bundles.  Eddie has awesome white fleece which is beautiful on its own or can be died for your dream colors.

Eddie’s Alpaca Registry Certificate


DOB: 05/28/12
TUCKAHOE Treasures Freedom FORALL – Light Beige. Son of LF Peruvianiven and Tessmer Fields.

Freedom’s ARI Certificate


DOB: 10/24/10
Hunter of Tuckahoe Treasures. Medium Brown. Our first born on the farm. Very gentle. His fleece is a spinner’s dream come true. He is the son of MFI Peruvian Maximization & SMFA’s Lexi Lou.

Hunter’s ARI Certificate

Ice Man

DOB: 04/11/07
Ice Man of SMFA’s Ice Man. White. Magnificent fleece. His fleece weighs more than any alpaca on the farm. Ice Man is the son of AABC Ricochet & Snowmaster’s Cheesica.

Ice Man’s ARI Certificate


DOB: 04/24/05
Iven is of LF Peruvianiven. White. Our head sire on the farm. Excellent fleece & crimp. Iven is the son of Snowmass Millenium & My Peruvian Ivory.

Iven’s ARI Certificate


DOB: 06/28/10
Langdon of Elk Maykon’s Langdon. Dark fawn. Langdon is the son of Maple Brook Maykon, who is a 3x Blue Ribbon winner, one being at the Sunshine State Alpaca Expo, Maryland Alpaca Show, and another at the Southern Select. His dam is Holy Teva.

Langdon’s ARI Certificate

Rebel Yell

DOB: 07/01/2015

Rebel Yell was born July 1 and as a patriot name was in order, we named him Rebel Yell.  His Sire is Tuckahoe Treasures Hunter.  Hunter was the first born cria on the farm.  His Dam is Accoyo America Acadia, which is a wonderful mother.  He was a lucky having such an affectionate Mom.

Rebel Yell’s Alpaca Registry Certificate

Sandhill Royal Fling

DOB: 10/05/2013
Medium Fawn from Sandhill Alpacas.  We fell in love with her when we first saw her.  Her Sire is Natasha’s Royal Ringo and her Dam is Sandhill Precious Flirt.  She is very curious and friendly to everyone.

Royal Fling’s ARI Certificate


DOB: 06/08/12
Sophie of Tuckahoe Treasures. Medium Brown. What a personality! She definitely inherited her mother’s confidence. Daughter of Simba’s Silver Maze and A.L.Paca’s Merry Mocha.

Sophie’s ARI Certificate

Spice Latte

DOB: 09/17/2013
Spice latte is the second female cria from A.L. Paca’s Merry Mocha.  She is a beautiful Light Rose Grey mixed with a Medium Silver Grey.  She is definitely a winner.  The first show she was in she received a 1st place ribbon.  She has the wonderful personality of her Dam and her Sire is Elk Corazon De La Rosa from Double O’ Good farm.

Spice Latte’s ARI Certificate


DOB: 10/19/05
Tess of Tessmer Fields. Medium Brown. One of our first females on the farm. She has the personality of an angel. Always a good mother. Daughter of R.A. Mr. Pennsylvania and Big Sky Red Robin.

Tess’s ARI Certificate


DOB: 06/07/16
Our beautiful new addition to the farm:  male cria born June 7, 2016.  If Dam is Lilly-Belle and his Sire is NM Beethoven from Highland Airs Alpaca Farm.  Trigger is very active and keeps trying to find someone to run and play with him.   Not sure of his coloring yet.  He has a lot of grey on face and feet.  We hope he is going to be a dark rose grey.

Trigger’s Alpaca Registry Certificate


DOB: 06/16/2015
Tucker is a beautiful fawn male born to Dam A.L. Paca’s Merry Mocha.  Tucker is the first male Merry has, but he definitely has his mother’s wonderful personality.  He would be a wonderful addition to any farm.

Tucker’s Alpaca Registry Certificate