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Our goal is to raise quality alpacas and provide educational information about the Alpaca community. As we grow, we look forward to helping you build your own treasure chest of treasured animals.

We have been living on our farm since 1993 and wanted to have some sort of livestock. During our research, we discovered the alpacas…it was love at first sight. We purchased our first alpaca in 2009. Their personalities and temperament are a joy to watch and make them so easy to raise. They are good around children and actually have no means by which to hurt people. They can be raised inexpensively on a small farm and because they are farm livestock, they are an excellent tax deduction. Should you decide to purchase one of our animals, be advised that all of our breeding stock is sold with a full reproductive guarantee, and our female alpacas come with free breeding to one of our males- in addition to 30 days of free boarding. We will be available for customer service and offer help after the sale of our animals; mentoring and advice-follow up is high priority for us.

We are located at:

8955 Tuckahoe Road
Denton, MD 21629
T: 410-479-2971